Director and C-Suite Engagement

The adage that there are only two types of companies – those who have experienced a breach, and those who do not realise they have been breached – is very true. So, how do Senior Executives and Board Directors take the appropriate actions to defend their shareholders/stakeholders?

Data breaches and malicious attacks from both external and internal sources continue to be the highest priority for senior executives and boards. They reinforce three facts. First, the protection of critical company and customer data is essential to protect revenue, reputation and enterprise value. Second, attacks against customer/employee information or intellectual property are being directed at all sectors of the economy. Finally, even the best programs will experience failure and expose some information the company would like to protect.

Argo takes a business-back (rather than a perimeter-in) approach to cyber challenges.  Our approach has been developed over our many years of cybersecurity leadership and our institutional operational experience in serving as   senior level executives in both interntaional,  government and commercial bodies.

Argo P@cific offers counseling to Board, CEOs and Executive Managers on strategic planning and specific strategy problems in a Digital Economy.  Such counseling can range from personal mentoring to whole of organisation strategy studies and implementation plans. 

Our experience shows that:

  • Thepervasive migration of value on-line, more inter-connected technology environments and more sophisticated malevolent actors dramatically “raises the stakes” for getting cyber-security right
  • Cyber incidents are having real impacts on financial performance, but responding poses important business trade-offs
  • In response, leading institutions are much more closely integrating cyber-security decision-making with business needs and imperatives
  • Effective cyber-security strategy starts with a deep understanding of business assets to protect and potential attackers who might want to compromise them
  • Leading boards are now focusing on the outcomes of assessing, testing and exercising the company’s incident response preparedness to test the effectiveness of their cyber strategy

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