Argo conducts training needs assessment and develops and delivers training to meet identified needs and requirements from our clients client.  Argo uses ISD as a model for developing training objectives and material from requirements.  Argo  conducts training on-site or remotely via instructor-led live training and/or computer based training.

We have a strong team of cyber security experts ready to develop and deliver training.   We have conducted training courses to thousands of people from all over the world, as well as through live, online instructor-led courses.  Our instructors are subject matter experts with real-world experience relevant to the subjects being taught.  We have developed a wide range of core security, red teaming, exercises, registry operations and ethical hacking courses.


Cyber exercises are a unique way to increase resiliency to cyber-based attacks. Argo P@cific combines a deep understanding of risk with cyber security and operations to design, organize, and execute effective cyber exercises.

Exercises can be used to assess your organization's ability to detect, analyze, respond, and recover from cyber threats. They can be used to evaluate your security defenses and test new procedures before putting them into place. Exercises also are a fundamental method for preparing leadership, staff and security personnel to handle emerging threats to your critical systems.  They help identify key decisions, assumptions and investment priorities, and hel develop real-time responses and improved confidence in people and procedures.

There are many different types of exercises ranging from discussion based table-top exercises to full scale operational exercises with simulated attacks and live "hackers" to whom to respond.

Understanding where communication and process flow can break down is critical in developing a robust incident management program. Argo uses scenario-based approaches – customized to fit your organization’s needs – to regularly evaluate an enterprise’s ability to counter and respond to advanced threats. Since new opportunities arise daily for exploits and APT to enter your networks, this concept is critical in ensuring that you find your weak spots before an adversary does.


Because of the breadth of our experience with various types of organizations, Argo Security approaches each exercise initially as a unique set of customer requirements. We work to quickly identify the objectives for the exercise (what the client wants from the experience) and formulate options which we know would best achieve those results. Argo is well-versed on the various types of discussion-based exercises (e.g. seminars, tabletop and advanced tabletop exercises) and operations-based exercises (e.g. drills, functional exercises, and full- scale exercises).

Much of our work involves guiding you through your first cyber exercise planning and execution process so you are able to indigenously plan and execute future activities. We do this by:

  • Assembling the right planning expertise, leveraging our own network of subject matter experts to match your needs and environment

  • Assisting you in developing supporting documentation – formal products as prescribed by HSEEP, and informal planning tools for managing and controlling execution

  • Supporting you in preparing evaluation guides to aid in collecting observations during the exercise

During execution, we will assist you in conducting the exercise. For tabletop exercises, we help facilitate discussions and present scenario information to the participants. In more advanced hands-on and operational exercises, we establish command and control processes, monitor event execution, and aid in data collection. We also establish appropriate simulation cells consisting of subject matter experts to play “non-participating” organizations and key upstream stakeholders

Why Choose Argo ?

Argo has been at the forefront of cyber exercises at national and international levels. We combine our deep understanding of risk with cyber security and operations to design, organize, and execute cyber exercises. Our people have led cyber exercises at many levels.  Argo’s exercises are able to test incident management procedures that normally wouldn’t be used until a crisis occurs. This allows you to practice your plans, and identify any weaknesses in technology, communication, or process. You will be able to modify procedures based on lessons learned from the experience, and ensure that you know what to expect and how to handle the stresses should a true crisis occur.

Types of exercise types.

Argo offers a variety of exercise types - each type has a different level of required commitment, and provides a varied level of fidelity into how operations function during the scenario. The more complex the exercise, the more you will understand about your true capabilities.

Two more specific exercise types are outlined elsewhere on this website:

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