What is a Tactics Exchange?

A tactics exchange is a multi-day event where the security experts and network security teams meet and exchange technical information about various relevant security topics and security scenarios. These types of events are regularly conducted within the national security entities, governmnet agencies, and among large institutions and industry groups as an effective way to share approaches to security challenges in a collaborative way. Rather than focus on threat information like many information sharing forums, a tactics exchange focuses on how a company addresses, manages, or responds to the threat.

Tactics exchanges can take many forms – from discussion-based symposiums or seminars, to live-fire exercises. We often design exchanges to include one day of formal, hands-on instruction on threat hunting techniques, and two full days of hands-on exercises in a realistic virtual environment – or cyber range. After each exercise session, we will have an in-depth review of the scenario and actions taken. From this lively discussion will emerge best practices, questions for further research or testing, and techniques you can apply in your security operations.

 This exchange is designed for members of security teams. Participants are expected to be technically adept at one or more security functions, to include threat analysis, SOC operations, red teaming, threat hunting, and security engineering and administration.

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