Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity is the protection of information assets and business systems against theft, misuse and intentional disruption.  The broad range of critical business risks, the increasing value at stake, and the inadequacy of current cyber security approaches drive the cyber security imperative. 

The Range of Critical Business risks is Broad

Cybersecurity is required to protect an institute’s reputation and also to protect against a broad range of risks that represent substantial institutional harms.

  • Industrial espionage includes the theft of valuable business information for economic advantage. Competitors may steal intellectual property (e.g. business plans, algorithms), diminishing economic value. Interested parties may get access to proprietary strategies or plans, reducing confidence in the integrity of decision-making processes.  Counterparties may obtain negotiating strategies or tactics, resulting in less advantaged contractual arrangements.
  • Reputational attacks diminish an institution’s ability to function effectively in the marketplace. Public leakage of internal discussions can be a huge management distraction and release of sensitive customer or counterparty data diminishes the trust required for an institution to make contracts and other arrangements. 
  • Business disruption either slows down or stops internal or customer-facing processes, resulting in increased costs, lost business and, in many cases, diminished market position.
  • Cyber-fraud comporomises on-line transactions (e.g. payments) as a mechanism for theft – at some financial institutions this amounts to a half billion dollars or more per year.
  • Extortion implies a cyber-criminal demanding payment or a hacktivist demanding executive action if an institution wants to avoid a reputational attack or business disruption. 

The Value at Stake is Increasing

Value continues to migrate online, and digital data has become more pervasive. More online access and transactions create bigger incentives for cybercriminals. Moreover, corporations looking to mine data—for instance, transaction and customer information, results of product launches, and market information—create valuable intellectual property that is in itself an attractive target.  Similarly, increased web presence provides a larger number of targets for ‘hacktivists’ or others who may target organizations for political purposes.

 Our Consulting Services

We offer a global active risk-minimization and opportunity maximization service for businesses and governments operating in the digital age. Argo P@cific takes an integrated approach to tackling cyber risk issues facing CIOs and Chief Security Officers, with those facing Boards, CEOs, COOs, CFOs and Chief Risk Officers. We bring unique understanding of risks organizations face in the modern networked environment: financial, legal, regulatory and technical. Argo P@cific mobilises operational, intelligence and analysis expertise and capabilities to provide:

  • Comprehensive cyber strategy and/or economic risk analysis to Boards, CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs
  • Expert client-capability development and exercising services

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