Helping Leaders make Difficult Decisions

Executives are often confronted with the challenge of responding to difficult problems in a complex environment.   Our consultants are internationally recognised for their implementation of best practice decision analysis, both as consultants and formerly as senior executives in global organisations.  We utilise rigourous, yet inclusive, models for evaluating decisions where problems have several conflicting criteria and objectives to be considered simultaneously.  Some examples include determining:

  • optimal investment and resource allocation,
  • best mix of operational KPIs,
  • development of strategic options
  • selection of computer software or equipment, and
  • public administration of land management

Our consultants have decades of experience in consulting experience in decision analysis, decision process design and facilitation/implementation. 

One powerful approach we bring to complex problems in Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA), a systematic and structured method used for integrating information from a range of sources.   With a more than thirty year track record as a rigorously researched methodology,  MCDA is a powerful approach for assessing preference, while understanding relative importance of the key aspects of the decision.  It also provides a way of looking at complex problems with mixed monetary and non-monetary objectives – while bringing stakeholders on board.  This method of analysis allows a large problem to be broken into manageable pieces while enabling “apples and oranges” to be compared via a broad-based consultative process that establishes a  common metric of value and creates an audit trail.

It facilitates an evaluation using multiple criteria and helps maximise the value that can be achieved from limited resources, aiding in sound decision-making.  MCDA can be used to support decision making in the areas of infrastructure, capital equipment and people investment, prioritisation and procurement decisions.

Often our use of the MCDA framework will be expressed in a software tool to support ongoing facilitated process for improvements in decision quality. 

Throughout many engagements our consultant have helped clients in the national security, construction, mining, financial services, government policy and services, advanced manufacturing, Internet and telecommunications sectors to achieve the following goals:

  • Enable effective and efficient decision making to optimize outcome planning.
  • Develop a decision-making framework that is flexible enough to be used across a variety of contexts, rather than maintaining multiple frameworks for specific scenarios - eliminate inadvertent complexity that may arise when dealing with several different types of events simultaneously.
  • Broaden development of decisions based on sound evidence from a range of data, expert opinions, stakeholders and experienced professionals.
  • Ensure that all layers of management are engaged and empowered to achieve goals swiftly
  • Review existing decision-making processes, particularly investment decisions, based on agreed criteria, data and with an understanding of consequences/trade offs 
  • Position decision making within a framework for maximizing options across a range of longer-term goals/scenarios 
  • Ensure rigour and transparency in decision making but also effectiveness and efficiency.  
  • Embed a dynamic and updatable decision-making process to build resilience over time
  • Support a transition to more decentralised decision making and empowered staff
  • Develop a tool and process for embedding the new model

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