Argo P@cific is a high level international consulting firm specialising in strategic problem solving, business transformation and cybersecurity. With very strong links with the leaders of Internet business, the technical community and security and related public bodies throughout the world, Argo P@cific works with governments,  Fortune 500 companies and start-ups to help them solve complex strategic problems, and grow international businesses and strategic alliances. Argo P@cific also works with public- and non-profit sector clients to develop effective policies.  The firm's practice focuses on Australia, Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Argo’s consultant work closely with our client’s senior executives and boards to help them solve complex strategic problems.  We help our clients test that they are defining the real issues behind the problem posed.  Our approach is both analytical and consultative.  As well as bringing decades of analytical and managerial expertise, our consultants ensure that diverse members of the client organisation are drawn into the diagnostic process.   We ensure that strategic problems are explored in connection with the organizational context. This results in high levels of acceptance of our recommendations as they have been tested within the organisation.  In many cases, we work with clients not only to solve the strategic issues but to also implement the business transformation required to implement the necessary changes.  Our consultants have decades of experience of implementing best practice decision analysis, both as consultants and formerly as senior executives in global organisations.

Argo P@cific also runs a Tech Incubator to help entrepreneurs and ideas we identify through client work or through our international network.  We focus on emerging technologies in cybersecurity, publishing, robotics and pandemic infection control.

Since its founding in 2000, Argo P@cific has worked with its digital economy clients to maximise business and policy opportunities presented by technology and market changes and to manage downside risks posed by cyber crime and cyber espionage.  Argo takes a business-back (rather than a perimeter-in) approach to advising on cyber challenges.

With years of experience working with senior managers and teams in the private and public sectors, Argo P@cific offers:

  • Expert processes for evaluating and solving complex problems especially in the security, public administration and Internet environments.
  • Rigourous, yet inclusive, models for evaluating optimal investment and allocation decisions.
  • Counselling to Board, CEOs and Executive Managers on strategic planning and specific strategy problems in a Digital Economy
  • Cutting edge analytical, operational and project management service to counter persistent cyber security threats and protect information assets
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of public policy and development of new policy
  • Strategic technology evaluation and business development processes
  • Organisational performance improvement, including the linking of technology implementation to business process redesign and business goal setting
  • Information driven change consulting
  • Industry analysis and forecasting of trends
  • Advise on business development and commercialisation of ideas
  • Development and implementation of corporate communication and marketing strategies

Our industry expertise includes public and security sectors, telecommunications, broadcasting and media, computer hardware and software, advanced cyber security, Internet Governance policy, Digital Economy policy setting, Internet protocol, naming and addressing systems, privacy policy and technical safeguards.


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