Full Spectrum Operations Assessment  - More than just Penetration Testing Services

Traditional vulnerability and penetration tests provide a limited view of your risk picture. Vulnerability assessments focus on finding technical holes in the network; penetration tests identify paths through the network a hacker can exploit to gain access to your systems or information. Neither approach understands your cyber ecosystem holistically. A full-spectrum operations security assessment looks at your people, processes, and technology together, to identify the linkages between them and how they can be exploited.

Most organizations have discrete controls in place to protect information, prevent access to sensitive areas, and ensure critical operations are resilient. An operations security assessment looks at more than just the network; it seeks to understand how those controls are implemented and how they can be circumvented using physical, social, and cyber methods.

 Sample scenarios addressed by a full-spectrum operations security assessment:

  • Can your network-accessible access control system be exploited to provide unauthorized physical access to sensitive areas?
  • Are your visitor or new-hire procedures dependent on a person who can be leveraged to provide insider-like access to a malicious entity?
  • Do you have unstructured, yet critical data, that can be accessed from any network port, computer, or location in the organization?
  • Do you operate ostensibly “closed” networks for critical systems, data, or processes that someone with physical access can gain unauthorized access to?
  • Can someone with physical access gain access to network resources? Can someone with network access gain unauthorized access to physical areas of your organization?

 The goal of the assessment is to identify methods a dedicated attacker would use to circumvent your security controls, gain access to your systems, buildings, and exploit your information.

By combining our experience in conducting physical security, social engineering, wireless, and penetration tests, our full- spectrum operations security assessments provides you with a understanding of risks individual assessments can’t come close to providing.

Argo Security focuses every assessment to the most relevant risks facing the organization; no assessment is ever the same, meaning you get a tailored assessment, specific to your organization and needs. Argo Security begins by conducting open-source intelligence gathering to determine what information is publicly accessible. We perform social engineering to gain access to the organizational network and physical sites. In some cases, we will leverage the access we gain in one area, to access a different area. We will understand your people, processes, and technology in order to determine how they can be exploited.

We provide you with the following:

  • Extent of access gained, and the resulting operational impact
  • Understanding of how your current controls can be circumvented
  • Awareness of the threats, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses in people, processes, and technology
  • Methodology and processes used to gain access to systems, facilities, and information
  • Mitigating strategies and recommendations for protecting yourself from dedicated attacks

Argo can offer clients to conduct internal and external penetration testing of network and web applications using an appropriate combination of White Box and Black Box testing, Social Engineering, and Red Team (adversary replication) approaches to ensure client people, process, and technology providing cyber security are effective.  We conduct the following types of assessments in performance of this effort:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Assessments
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Wireless Assessments
  • Social Engineering Assessments

We have a strong team of assessment experts:

  • Our team includes former U.S. Department of Defense  and International red team, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment subject matter experts
  • We have conducted assessments on small, mid, and large organizations, both government and commercial
  • We have conducted assessments internationally
  • Members of our team have been conducting assessments for 12+ years, with an average of 8 years direct assessment experience.

Our assessment approaches are based on established methodologies and refined by real-world experience:

  • Our assessments are grounded in established methodologies like Ethical Hacking, CSC Top 20 (formerly SANS Top 20), and the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
  • We leverage lessons learned from each assessment we support and from our experience working with DOD, Fortune 500 companies and CERTs globally in combating advanced threats.
  • We take a risk-based approach to assessments, focusing on critical information assets, to identify the biggest risk to the organization
  • We use world-class tools, supplementing publically available tools with our own custom developed tools where necessary to accomplish assessment goals
  • All assessment activities are tightly controlled to ensure minimal disruption to operations

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